Customer Testimonials

"I don't even realize it is there, it's so comfortable! It feels just like the strap from my helmet.  Dog tags around my neck and ankle annoy me on my ride." -John, Dallas, TX

"As a physician by career and cyclist for hobby, I understand the importance of having medical information readily available for first responders.  I love my STRAP-ID because I don't have to remember to wear it.  I NEVER leave home without my helmet!" -Terence, Los Angeles, CA

"My STRAP-ID was so easy to install, I didn't have to remove the helmet straps, and it doesn't tangle in my hair." -Alison, Austin, TX

"I purchased a STRAP-ID for my husband.  It gives me total peace of mind when he is on the road, if there ever was an emergency, I know I will be the first to know."  Pat, Dallas, TX

"I was thrown from my bike in a recent road crash, even though my helmet was damaged my STRAP-ID was in tact andavailable for the paramedics." -Phillip, Dallas, TX (photo below)